We meet with you and your team to gather background information and to lay out a project schedule. We discuss budget and focus on information such as target audiences, overall messaging, and project objectives.


With requirements in hand, we spend time to form creative concepts, treatments, and/or storyboards. If the project is interview based, we establish messaging and talking points. This is a completely transparent process and your review and participation is encouraged.


Logistics, logistics logistics. We scout locations, cast actors and hold pre-interviews, establish our crew, specify equipment, and get everything prepped for production.


Working within the structure of our creative concept, we film/shoot on-location or in studio depending on the project. Clients can choose to be present during production, but isn't required.


We typically offer our clients three rounds of revisions.

The First Cut or “content cut” is our selection of the best video and sound bites we’ve captured. We build the story and tighten the focus to deliver on messaging and to really hone in on your concept.

The Second Cut incorporates your feedback and adds some bells and whistles. We work in b-roll, graphics, music, and other visual and aural elements to create a more polished product.

The Final Cut includes all the music, graphics, audio enhancement, etc. to fully deliver your vision. We’ll add in any last tweaks and/or approval and then -


With our your final approval, we send along the finished video for immediate distribution


Feedback is crucial to our process. We want to know the impact of our work and how you feel we collaborated with you and your team. We believe in fostering long-term partnerships with our clients. We revel in watching brands grow and look for every opportunity to do the same.